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    The woman sat in the bland living room. Her eyes, tired. It has been about 3 years since her son... Left. The lady had gotten so used to watching the news, praying for some information about her son. Yet she knew by this time, he wasn't coming back.
    It was about 9 o'clock at night, when the TV flashed with the most recent news. The mother in her late thirties sat on the beige couch with her hands folded in her lap. She stared blankly, somewhat life less, at the television. Something caught her attention, making her lean forward slightly toward the screen. 

    "Recent murder in the village of Notte, Husband and wife found in their front yard. Apparently stabbed to death, the only evidence of the killer was a weapon left behind, a screw driver. Forensic teams have been looking over the questioning evidence, Police and detectives have yet to find the murderer. If you have any information on a possible suspect please call the following number..."

    The woman clicked off the TV. She put her head in her hands, sitting quietly in the dark. She only prayed that it wasn't her son, but some how, the feeling in her stomach, that sick yet yearning feeling. It told her it was her boy. Slight tears feel from her brown eyes, as her curly brown hair framed her face falling slowly down off her shoulders. "Victor..." She sobbed her sons name. "What have you done..." 
    A sudden tapping sound came from the window behind her. She turned to look out into the dark night, her eyes widened. A male figure, with a dark mask that had white X's for eyes, stared at her though the glass.

    Victor had always had a few problems. It started with simple things such as talking to inanimate objects like walls, mirrors, stuffed animals... Anything that couldn't talk back was a friend to him. Vic, as he preferred to be called, had dark ginger-ish brown hair that fitted the sides of his pale face and he had hazel brown eyes, He seemed to be a spitting image of his father. The only thing was the mental problems the boy had. His doctors called it Child hood schizophrenia, that it should ware off as he grew older, but it never did, And his family was no help.
    The boy's father, often said that nothing was wrong with his son. Saying he was normal, could go to regular school, do regular things. So Victor did, and it wasn't that helpful for his condition. The public school kids constantly picked on him, saying things such as "Shitzo! Shitzo! Shitzophrenic Viiiictor!" Or calling him "Wall talker", "Ghost whisperer"... He hated it, but his father insisted he continue public schooling for money's sake. His sister was no help, picking on him at home whenever Victor would daze off and stare at something in the corner. She would snap her fingers in his face and say "Hey Vic! Get your head out of the clouds! Retard!"
    Victor tried to keep these problems to a minimum, between trying to keep silent when his 'friends' talked to him in public, or when at night they scared him, he tried his best to show the least emotion when around others. The boy never really was violent, until the day things went wrong...

    It was a quiet middle of March morning. Victor stared out the window of the blue truck his dad drove to work. Tools, oil stains, dirt, scattered throughout the vehicle, after all, his father worked as a mechanic for trucks and... What ever else he did. His father kept his watch on the rode as they drove closer to the hell hole called school, then he spoke to his son. "See ya kid."
    Victor turned back to his father and gazed at him with lazy hazel eyes. "Yeah, you too." He said as he shut the car door while pulling out his black backpack and hanging it on one shoulder. The teenager wandered up the huge stair case to the main door of the building, he turned his head to see his father drive off, turning down the road to the main street. The boy kept staring when he was bumped into by some one, alerting him to move on. Victor moved through the large rooms and down the hallways to his first class, where he would drop off his backpack and retreat to find some of his friends to talk to, school didn't actually start for another half an hour.
    As Vic walked out of the Math class and turned town the hall to search for a companion, he was nearly tackled by one of them from behind. Victor turned around as quick as possible to see a female with dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. The boy held a hand up to his chest and gasped. "Dammit Brianna don't do that! You know what happens when I get scared!"
    The girl giggled and poked him. "Oh come on Vic, we've been dating for a few months now and you still get scared by that?"
    "Well sorry..." Victor reached to hold Brianna's hand, while she smiled and clung to him, making Victor blush and turn his head. They spent the rest of the time together until the first period bell rang, making them separate to their different classes.
    Vic went on though math class, doodling on a piece of paper, as he always did. When he felt a tap on his shoulder, making him look up to see one of his many illusions. This one was a faceless man in a black suit, one of his oldest hallucinations. He continued to stare at the thing until he heard a voice break him from his thoughts.
    "Ah, Yes?" He turned his head to the teacher in the front of the room. He noticed people around him giggled,
    "Shitzo" "Shitzo Vic..." The same routine since elementary. 
    The teacher scolded, "I asked you a question, what is the domain of this problem." She pointed to the board.
    Victor glanced at it quickly, while the class stared at him, his mind raced when a voice in his head told him the answer.
    "X is an element of the reals but X is not equal to zero." He blurted out. Making the teacher glare at him.
    "That's correct. Now class the next problem..." Victor continued to look at his doodles. He looked to the side to see the same illusion standing in the ally between the desks, standing over him.
    Victor smiled shyly to the hallucination creature and whispered "Thanks..." Knowing that the voices in his head can sometimes be use full.
    So the day went on. The same classes over and over again. Then lunch arrived where he chatted with his girlfriend, and her friends, because he never had any of his own besides her. Victor bit into the chicken patty, the girl next to him make some sort of "Omnomnom" Sounds as he chewed the food. His girlfriend on the other side of him giggled. Vic gulped the mushed food and set the unfinished half down before he turned to glare at the girl, his eye twitching. A voice his head popped up, followed by one of his hallucination creatures standing behind him. The voice was too low to hear, but it annoyed him. Victor got up and slammed his palms down the table.
    "What do you want from me!?!" He shouted toward the girl, who looked terrified. The table, and near by others went silent to sit and watch. Brianna stood up and held his arm, trying to pull him back down to sit.
    "Shh, It's OK Viccy..." His girlfriend attempted to comfort, while the blonde turned to the girl. "He always does that." She smiled and fake giggled. Victor let out a rude huff and broke free from her grip, then he turned to look at her. The voice in his head grew louder but he still couldn't make out what it was saying. Vic backed away and then dashed out of the cafeteria and down the hall way. He went down a few steps and out one of the back doors, not that any one in the school even cared if you skipped class, which was what he intended to do.
    Victor checked his cell phone. "Three Ten... Uh oh..." He mumbled. He had been sitting in the football field behind the school for a few hours now, occupying himself by talking to one of his imaginary friends that looked like a giant mouse, totally lost in time. Vic grabbed his backpack while the large mouse squeaked and followed him, but disappeared in a few seconds.
    On the way walking home, he started to sprint, worried he would be late and his mother would worry. His father never bothered to pick him up from school thinking it was a waste of time. Victor quickly ran past a gas station and down to the forest lined road that went up hill to where his neighborhood was. On the middle of the sidewalk he paused. Not just to catch his breath, but because he felt the presence of one of his 'friends' behind him.
    The dark gingered teen turned around to see that same tall, faceless figure in the black suit, but this time he was different.
Then the daylight suddenly went black. All that was around was the forest, the road and that thing in front of him, seeming to get larger and larger. Victor backed away, scared out of his mind. He screamed, and turned around to run, but a black tendril wrapped around his wrist pulling him to the ground, and dragging him closer to the faceless thing. He screamed and kicked, small children and animal hallucinations were behind the slender figure, all of them chanting "Kill them, Kill them." Victor not knowing what to do shut his eyes and screeched. 
    'BEEP!' 'BEEP BEEP!' Victor shot his eyes open blinking his eyes in the bright light shining on him, it was sunset and shadows of trees cast along the road. A familiar blue truck had pulled over in front of him, with his dad in the drivers seat honking the horn at him. The teenage boy sighed and heaved himself off the pavement, and walked to the passengers seat, throwing his book bag on his lap, he stared out the window like normal. While his father game one of his scolding looks, and U-turned int he road back home. On the way he blurted out, "So what the fuck happened this time Victor." He seemed to snarl.
    Victor continued looking out the window, "I don't know."
    He sighed as they pulled into the driveway of the nice neat looking greenish house. Victor got out of the truck while his father continued to drive it into the garage. Vic looked down when he walked. When his mother opened the door for him she pulled him into a hug and petted his hair. "Oh Victor my boy! Are you Okay!?!" She shook with worry.
    The ginger shook his head and pulled from the embrace. "I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled and ran into the kitchen the up the stairs, down the hall to his room. Where he slammed the door behind him, threw his backpack on the floor, and flopped down on the bed. As he turned on his side he looked out the window into the just past sun set street, he gasped when he saw the white headed, faceless figure in the neighbors yard across the road. It was glaring at him with no eyes. Victor rolled over away from the window and pulled the blanket over his head, on the brink of crying himself to sleep.
    The next day continued much like the previous morning, lucky it had been a Saturday. His father asked him to help out in the garage with fixing up the truck. Victor blandly agreed. He currently was leaning up against the wall next to the red tool box on the shelf. "Hey kid, hand me the Phillips." He groaned, rolling form underneath the car. Victor dove his hand into the box of tools and pulled out the screw driver, walking over and handing it to his dad, hearing nothing more then a boring "Thanks..."
    Victor was spending his time surfing You Tube with one ear bud in on his cell phone. His father groaned for him to come give him a wrench, Vic did so, and was too lazy to put the screw driver back, to he put it in the pocket of his hoodie to join the other tools he was to lazy to return to the box. The teenager went back to the leaning spot when his phone suddenly vibrated. He had gotten a text from Brianna, he smiled slightly at the thought of her.
    Opening the message he read it first. Frowned and read it over again.

    hay vic i wanted 2 say that i am breaking up w/ u srry i cant deal w/ ur mental shit any more

    Victor nearly threw the phone on the ground, angry voices screeched in his head. He shoved the cell in his back jean pocket and ran out of the garage without his father noticing. He started to run up the street, turned down a block, then another, getting closer to where his girlfriends house was. The voices in his head told him, "Kill her, Kill her..." Over and over again as he ran up the steps to Brianna's door. He knocked harshly on the wood rage filled his eyes not only at her, but at the sounds echoing in his head. 
    Brianna opened the door to look at him oddly, "Vic? What are yo-" She squeaked when Victor tackled her to the floor, pulling out one of the screw drivers in his hoodie pocket, raising it above his head. The girl screeched below him, but Victor's mind distorted the image, in his mind, she seemed to be the one killing him, strangling him, while he was only using self defense. A loud voice boomed in his head, "Kill them, before they kill you." And with that he struck his arm down, piercing the screwdriver though the girls left eye. Victor ripped the tool out, and jabbed it down again into her right eye. Brought it up again, and slammed it into her forehead, the force penetrating though the blonde's skull and brain.
    Pulling out the tool and standing up, looking down at the body with blood pooling from her head. He heard a gasp from nearby, making him look up to see her mother with her hand over her mouth reaching for a phone. The voice rang in his head "Kill or be killed." He dashed over and jabbed the women in the neck, then kicked her down to the ground, smashing the woman's head in with his foot. Panting Victor suddenly realized what he had just done, but the voices in his head, told him not to mind, that it was natural, it was self defense. He looked around, thinking of an escape, what do to now.
    Quickly, Victor ran out the back door of the house, running through peoples back yards, and climbed over a fence into the forest nearby. Running, running, running... When he fell on a tree trunk, gasping and panting for air. He slid down the side of the tree, and curled up, holding his knees close to his chest, where he sobbed for who knows how long. When he felt that similar presence as before, forcing him to look up.
    Victor's hazel-brown eyes widened. It was him, that same faceless white head, that same pitch black suit, tall, and leaning over him. Vic tried to scoot away but the tree behind him wouldn't allow. "Please... Don't hurt me..." He choked out.
    The things long arms reached up, and his white hand moved closer and closer to the boys face, covering it and silencing him. Victor cried and sobbed, before the same voice echoed in his head.
    "Kill, or be killed."
Small gore warning though, not enough to put a mature content thing on it I don't think...

I did it... Yee... I dunno even what to say about how semi-proud I am about this...
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This was is a good creepypasta :) and looks like slenderman got a new person.
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*Bows* Thank you~ I am as so said, the master of creepypasta, that doesn't write many of them, ~(*D*)~
alwaysadaywithdeath Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Student General Artist
lol xD *whispers* can you use him more like when he is out "hunting"
SozzySoz Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Student General Artist
~(*u*)~ *Whispers Back* I intend to~ 
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YAY Mabelpines 
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Well done bro- very well done.
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